Partner and I

It seemed like it might be time to add a note here, just for those still wandering in and out of the blog.
I spent the winter huddled down in as little of the house as I needed to heat for plumbing. The internet was my "real" home and my phone was my "vehicle". (Bless my friend in Texas for getting me through the long nights.) I took photos of the birds that hung out on the feeders and shared the good ones with the family and friends on facebook for entertainment. There were a couple rescue cats getting fed, too. Tuesday Bible study was about the only time I had people over. And I had my ebooks the Eldest shared with me. I got a lot of reading done. It was cold and lonely, but I got through the winter.

Come spring, I was trying to get the yard whipped back into shape. The house was still for sale but no one had been by to look at it. I wanted it tidied up. I got a lot of it done. In June a friend on FB said she was looking for a place and picked my home to rent. The family was a huge support to me. I found a little cabin on a lake that needed tons of work that I could rent cheaply. They rallied and put tons of hours and work into it. So did I. It was exausting me.

In the middle of all this, I recieved a note through a dating site I was on. It said "We have a lot in common and I think we should talk." I replied out of curiosity and after a week of emails, we went to phone calls. I took an evening off working on the cabin to drive to the Big City and meet the christian, blues guitar player with a beard.

It was a long drive after a long day and I got too tired, but I found his home, finally. We talked and played music until 4am. The drive home was really difficult, because I was so very over tired. I did make it safely back and slept hard the next day. I resolved not to go back up there again. If he wanted to see me he'd have to get down here...

By the middle of August I was finally settled in and able to find my things again. We had a great housewarming party! Many of my friends and family showed up for the fire and even through the rain we roasted hot dogs and had fun. When the day cleared up, the guitars came out and we went back outside to enjoy an evening of music.

I loved the little cabin and was adding and subtracting "things" to get it comfy for the winter. The Man in the City and I advanced to making video calls. A couple times a day we'd sit and talk. My friend in TX gets thanks for getting me on the video call program. I am still enjoying it, when I can, with family and friends.

After a week or two of 'net contact, the man in the city decided to come and see my side of the world. I was having a second party for the neighbors and new friends that I had begun to know who had made me feel so welcomed. I invited him and he arranged to get here.

It was a second great party! And the Blues Player fit right in with my other music friends. We played and sang until about midnight. And ate! These people can cook!

He never really went back home again. I'm having a hard time finding a nicname for him here...Being so uniquely himself, the easy nics don't really fit him. I guess I'll call him Partner. It turns out that that is what he is. I think we will be good partners...

We made a trip to his home to get the cat and his important things and the little cabin became very cramped...neighbors in the Big House next door moved out. The landlord was amiable to us moving there...Partner and the neighbors started moving us again...and MAN I hated that! I just got it all unpacked and here we go again!

But we did it. The little cabin is all ready for a new person to love and the Big House is mostly straightened out. We still have some fussy sorting and fine tuning to do, but we can mostly find our stuff...and the normal chores are getting easier to do.

I have Partner in my days again. We are still getting to know each other, but it's easier because we have much in common for enjoyment. Computers, fishing, music, and a deep, spiritual base to our lives. There are things that aren't easy for me, and things that are hard for him, too, but we have been working through them together.

He has done so very much to make it easier for me. He does what needs done when he sees it. We both like the house neat and try to keep it that way. We do chores together. The little deck here has his smoker and my little grill on it and they are getting used. He seems to be becoming contented here. We need to find a church to attend and get the rest of the shake down done on the house, but we can take our time doing it now.

I am no longer alone. It is such a comfort to have a man in my days again. He does things differently than I am used to, but is working with me to smooth out the rough edges between us. I do things differently than the women he is used to, too...but I think we are going to be okay in the long run and I think I have a good partner again.

I am hopeful and enjoying my days again. I think he is, too.

Life is good.