And the times, they are a changin

It has been a pretty long row to hoe this last year. I have had everything I needed, but a lot of it I couldn't do by myself. The family and friends have been keeping me together through this years un-health and two heart attacks. The house I've loved and loved in so long was getting to be too much for me to handle. I was tired all the time.

Back in 4/08 I met MoBluz. It was a wash, as a relationship, but it has remained a solid friendship. We had been in touch for web site schedules and such, even after he moved to AK. I didn't hear from him often but I still kept up with his kids on myspace and such. When he would call with new bookings to post we'd catch back up with each other. His marriage went to pieces several months ago and he was dealing with a depression as deep as mine.

He moved from AK to TX ,where his son and DIL live, but free nights and weekends on his phone gave us time to encourage each other over the miles. The changes we were both dealing with were difficult sometimes and our hearts were lonely. A friendly voice eased the hurts for both of us and the talks rolled deeper.

Last time I was in the hospital his late night phone calls helped get me through the long hours I couldn't sleep. He stayed in touch after I went home on an almost daily basis, to know I was doing okay. Things were pretty rough the first two weeks home, for me, and hearing how he was finding places to make music lifted my heart. He found a place to rent, got moved in, was singing out as a solo act and moving on.

I had my heart fixed the 5th of August. On the 29th, he asked me to join him in Texas.

I had almost died, again, and I won't miss a chance to be happy. I said yes.

I thought it would be two or three weeks to get the house closed down and move. The BestGirl stepped in with an offer to do it for me. Tithe came to fill my needs. #1son and family, ReRoy, Mom, Sis....my friends Sunny Girl and KMA and so many more stepped up to help that I was sorted, packed and gone in three days.

And now I'm deep in the heart of Texas with MoBluz again. He has done an amazing job of hauling and moving things so I don't have to. He's made fine dinners, homemade soup, grilled me some BBQ chicken and we have been singing together again....I haven't had a bad day since I got here. It's a big change for both of us. It may be a wash out again, but it's a second try for love. I can't skip even one chance at that.

The bookings are coming soon, the bills are getting paid, and we are enjoying our days the best we can. There are things that aren't perfect for either of us, but we are trying to deal with them openly and with gentle words. It's good. We are still under stress, with no "regular check" coming in and the home needs a lot of work when the weather cools down...but it is do-able in small chunks.

I've done so much more just moving my body and getting out of the computer chair to live since I've been here that I've lost six pounds. I have energy again. I wake up glad to be in the new day and ready to leave what I touch better than I found it...He's smiling and laughing more, too.

So there's been a shift in location, health and attitude. There are multiple problems with relocating that I'm taking on one at a time and while it's confusing, it is getting done. For now, I'm an imported Texan.

The landlords are good people, the friends I have meet through Dennis are good people and I'm smiling as I type today, with laundry hanging out to dry and a list of chores to do before the first rehersal with the new drummer for the rebuild of the MoBluz Band on Saturday.

Wish us luck and send your prayers. We are on shaky ground trying to start over again at our ages...but we are gonna give it a shot. Worst we can do is fail, and it's not like we both haven't done that before. But we may succeed.....and won't that be fun to write about!

Stay tuned for updates. I'm gonna try to get back to this once a week for awhile so I don't lose track of how far we've come....

Thanks for reading and hugs to all of you!

And having the music back in my every day is bring me a quiet happiness.

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At 2/1/11 4:06 AM, Blogger Muse's Blog said...

I hope that you and your significant other turn out to have a really good relationship. I'm still looking for my sig. other.

At 2/1/11 11:24 AM, Blogger Valerie - Still Riding said...

Thanks Muse! See the next post...


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