It's been rough and rocky traveling

but I'm finally standing upright on the ground....

Had to cut my visit to TN short. I would have pouted but I know that the time I gave up is letting another friend reach for their dreams. Can't hardly be upset about that! Studio time in Austin is not to be passed up. So they had to go and I wandered on home.

I'm getting caught up with myself. It turned out to be a whirlwind tour. I met so many people and saw so much of the country that I can't remember where I did what hardly.

I love the hills, rocks and rivers down there. I loved the people I met. Just folks trying to get through life loving and caring about each other. I loved the music I got to share. What a bunch of talented players and singers!

Nashville is cleaning up at warp speed from the floods. The folks are out and singing in the streets again although the crowds are thin still. I had fun seeing the sights and shopping for tourist trap presents. I avoided the tackiest ones - like this:

Murfreesboro was a whole new place - none of it seemed familiar this trip. But last trip I found a creek with a big rock in it, a hole in the rock was home to a frog who looked too big to get out of the hole. This trip there was a tree with a busted limb that had a hole in it and....

Mama cat and looks like at least four, maybe five kittens all tcked away safe and sound. They live in the back yard of a friend and I did scare off mama, but she came back after I got the pictures and settled down again. I had the computer outside to get some fresh air and enjoy the land while I enjoyed the wifi and caught up with everyone.
I didn't get a photo of the Gateway to the West this trip, but the sunset threw a lovely shine on it as we drove through town. Town seemed to stretch further than I remembered and there was much more decay visible as abandoned buildings and such lining the roadway.
So I will try to get some more up here soon...Thanks to all of you that still stop in. I heart you!