We've got tonight

Who needs tomorrow? I guess, if you get all you can do done today, you don't...but silly humans keep expecting it to be there...

I'll do it later, I'll mend my fences later, I'll call my friend later - whatever you think up and pass over with the expectation of doing tomorrow you have to be willing to leave undone.

There are not just the two of you in the equation. There is all that can happen in less than a minute to change lives...tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes....lately oil spills are big on the list....a lot of people here in Michigan that planned on doing a little yard work tomorrow are having to pack and move today. They found out oil spills don't just happen in the oceans and now they are being asked to leave their homes....

Some things only you can do here. I keep trying to remember to do those things today. Now. I try to remind my people to do it now.

My "now" has been getting much shorter than "tomorrow". My last heart procedure doesn't seem to have done the same job of making me feel better that the first two did. I didn't feel much better from it and now I'm planning on getting it done over, soon...and wondering if I can make it through a fourth heart procedure. Lots of people do.

But I am not putting things off as much as is my usual habit. And that's not bad.

If I don't call someone, it's because I know all is well between us. If I wait on writing a bill it's because I know someone else can write it later if I don't get it done.

But if I have something to share from my heart, I'm getting it done now. And that's messed me all kinds of up lately.

I keep opening my mouth or fingers on the keyboard and what I see comes out. Usually, and we have discussed this between bloggers before, we edit ourselves for our audience. I'm still doing that but much less.

I have an amazing family, loving and caring kids, every one of them and including my sister's children and a few strays I've picked up over the years, a loving mother, good, better and best friends and they have all been as supportive as they can while I am feeling puley.

There should not be even one that does not know I love and care about them. I got that done every time we talked, visited or typed each other. So did they. I am loved.

So as I negotiate the financial difficulties, the paperwork for help, the inability to do much of my own chores and such, I have had all the love I needed.

And you really don't need more than loving care between one another to keep spirits filled with contentment and joy. Content, knowing we have done what we can for each other, joy that we had what we needed to do it. And peace, knowing we have loving hearts that care with more than words.

We have done the best we could. Every one of us. While there are dark times and thoughts unshared, lonely tears in the night, fears and stress of life unspoken by many of us, at the very bottom, we know if we just open our mouths and tell someone, they will care and help us the best we can. Even if it seems a small help, that someone cared is always big enough to get another over the hump and moving again.

There is no shame in having a need. But you should feel like an idiot for not sharing it with someone, because we can't fix it if we don't know it's broke. Sometimes we can read hearts, but none of us are mind readers. And those that care, even if they can't fix it themselves, often can help find a way to deal with it. But YOU GOTTA SPEAK UP!

And now, here is the truth as I know it. There are things you will feel you can't say to another living human, no matter who they are...there are needs you will have that you can't believe will ever be filled....

Speak them to NoMan. Just speak them. Say them to the universe, pray them to Jesus, but get them outside your head through your mouth and start sending them outside yourself and see what happens.

Nothing changes until something moves. Words are vibrations created by you. Those vibrations, small as they are, continue through the ether and I believe they affect the world around you. Yup, they are invisible. Yup, you can't measure them easily. But I remember that they can listen to words through the walls of houses now with electronic instruments - by picking up those vibrations....they are real.

So move the world. Speak your need, even to no one, and I believe something/one hears. I believe someone cares and will respond....

A friend called last night to offer me a night at the fair. I had to tell her I couldn't go. So nothing really happened....but she offered and I felt good knowing I have a friend that knows me so well and cared that I didn't have my trip to the fair this year. I felt cared for. I hope my thanks helped her feel kind and caring. I think that something happened. Even though we never left our homes....love was exchanged.

And I think that is where I was going with this, we've got now, tomorrow is so very much not promised. If you are holding on to something loving for another, please do it now. Give them that hug, tell them they did good, give them a hand with chores, drop off a book.....

Don't wait to exchange the love between you and those you love....please, do it now.

I know you can't maintain the constant thought that you may not get later. When tomorrow keeps showing up, it's hard to think it might not be there next time you need it. And no one wants to think about partings when they are having fun loving right now. That's okay. Just try, once every day, to check your heart and get done what ever you have to for another to know they are loved....that's enough.

I think it's better to do it when you get up, then at least you have today to get it done in. At night, you are often tired and out of time for doing - that's when you can be thankful for what was done for you and what you were able to do....I like that.

If I make it until Monday, I think I will be going back to get treated for this latest whatever is not right. If I don't make it, I know all my people know they are loved...except one, and I'm working on it...today.

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At 1/8/10 7:49 AM, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

It's good to be reminded that it's all about the moments as they unfold. May tomorrow still go well for you though. :)

At 1/8/10 1:53 PM, Blogger Valerie - Still Riding said...

I'm reminding myself as much as anyone...we forget so easily..

At 15/8/10 3:32 PM, Blogger ICE said...

I'm calling an old friend that I've been wanting to call and haven't got around to it.. but I'm doing it right NOW!!! Thanks Lady! :)

At 15/8/10 4:28 PM, Blogger Valerie - Still Riding said...

Thank you Ice...I'm glad!


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