Love is all you need

I like the Beatles...and I grok their enlightened music that some never understood.

I have been living what I believe and life is carrying me forward, still. I have had what I need provided, one day at a time to the point where I can't avoid sharing it any longer.

I have paid the mortgage, the utilities are covered, all with no income.

Money comes in the mail, it comes from out of nowhere, it comes unexpected, and it has kept coming.

I keep sitting here updating and building websites, cheering on my friends and family online and staying cool and it just keeps coming....

My health is shaky but I know that is covered too, in it's proper time. While I'm here I love and care the best I can.

I'm telling you again, if there is something only you can do, do it now.

And if there is something you need, pray. Call it what you will, The Force, the Source, the Creator, God, Bubba, the Big Kahuna, there is a loving divine being that cares for each of us. I call it "Hello, Central?" a lot, because I believe that through that being we are all connected.

Even sitting here alone, when I care enough about some one or some thing, to pray, I see a response. I have seen it bring homes, vehicles, computers and love to those that are lonely...and I see it keeping me covered here.

It's real. And it runs on Love.

So love green, love rain, love the kids, love music, love your partner, love that funny looking dog, but LOVE! Do things because you love doing them, and send the love in you to those you love, even just with your thoughts, and it will enhance their lives and ease their days......

Last night as I lay down and dealt with the pain I was experiencing, I closed my eyes and started to ask for relief, when a deep sky blue flare of a star lit up behind one eye (and ya, I know that's weird...so? it happened) and I knew that one somewhere prayed for me so strongly that I received a visible representation of their love for me....

So what? The pain started to ease and I slept. I slept a full seven and a half hours. I woke feeling rested....I have been sleeping in four hour "whenever" bits, having to be sitting up, not getting any real rest for weeks.....

It may not happen again tonight. But I know last night, those that loved me prayed and got me some real rest. I feel a little easier today.

We don't die. There is a Divine Being, God, Goddess, whatever - that cares. Do unto others as you wish they would do unto you is the only way to live because we ARE all interconnected as one huge creation.

So be good to yourself today, by being good to someone in your life. And if you can't get right over there and see them, send a little love via the interlifenet....pray. (meditate, become one with the source - I don't care what you call it)

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At 21/7/10 10:31 AM, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Good for you, kiddo.

At 2/1/11 11:18 AM, Blogger Valerie - Still Riding said...

Hugs to you my friend...


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