Walking the floor over you

can't sleep a wink, that it true....LOL. Hello all. Haven't been here in awhile. I'm very sorry. I had been feeling a little run down about the time I posted last. Didn't realize it wasn't the winter blahs until my heart started to kick up again...

The 16th I made some calls and found a ride to a hospital over in Really IS a Big City. I had a rough go as they refused to believe morphine doesn't work on me. Apparently dilatted doesn't, either. But when, 8 hours later, they finally moved me to a room, the doc only left orders for morphine....tears just ran down my face. I wasn't really crying, I just hurt so bad that they didn't believe me, that my face leaked.

The nurse on my floor went through the channels and got me some demerol, which does work, at 1 in the morning...amen! I finally got to sleep about two. When I woke up I went to war with them for following insurance protocols when I don't have insurance. Some dipstick actually said, "Well, we're not sure you're having a heart attack." I looked right at them and said, "Is that what the records will show when I point out you gave me 3 nitros and asprin in ER and the results of the blood work?" They had already tolk me my markers for heart were up....idjits!

So instead of waiting around sucking up hospital time and services until Monday, all of a sudden I was 15 minutes from getting fixed up. They let me out the next day. My kids took me home. On the way out, as our elevator going down opened, we ran into my friends, the harmonica man and his girl, on their way in to visit...LOL! It was a fast visit, but they were glad I was getting out.

Sis spoiled me for two days, doing my chores and errands and such and then I got back with the program. I over did. I wasn't feeling as good after this proceedure as I had after the first two. With the other times I felt like I could dance (I can't much, but I felt like it) and this time I was just wore out and blue all the time.

I had commitments to fulfill though and I got them done over the next three days....then I went home and collapsed. Tueday, for Bible Study, Sis brought a cold to show and tell. I caught that and a few days later coughed my vocal cords out...no voice again. It's still gone, darn it. I needed it to sing with this week and just croaked along, instead...

Yup, had a jam after Bible Study this Tuesday. I've been feeling better, though I still tire easily if I do too much. Tired of walking half a mile being too much....oh, well.

I went to visit Jeanette last night for no apparent reason and ended up being needed to chauf to pick up kids for her. It was fun to yak and after we got the errand done we visited until after midnight. We shouldn't wait so long to get together and maybe we wouldn't need such a long visit to get caught up with each other.

So I'm still here. Just been trying to stay that way. There is a lot going on right now that I'm waiting to see what happens next on before I bring it to you to share. But I have had one whole week of family, friends, music, smiles and joy in my days without a marr. It's been wonderful to just relax and enjoy the days.

Get out there and enjoy summer! I'm headed out for some of that, myself! Later, all!

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At 23/5/10 3:35 PM, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Ize bin wundrin where yiz bin.

Hope it continues to go well for you.

At 23/5/10 5:54 PM, Blogger Valerie - Still Riding said...

I wuz sick. I wanna tell you I get more comments on my pretty avatar...thank you for letting me use it!


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