And the beat goes on....

I thought I'd drop in and fling up a quick post. I'm still around. :) I'm not setting any speed records with getting around, but the little cabin is still my home. The old truck is still running and making me smile. I still miss the bike....

Last summer I rescued a feral cat, so I have a small responsibility. I tamed her down, got her fixed and named her Minnie Mouse but call her Minimus. She's quite a nice black cat with a contrary streak, but we're used to each other.

My joys have been watching my kids and their kids on their life adventures. They are all pursuing contentment and joy in life. I love them so very much. They all do their best to keep an eye on what I need, too.

The #1Grand presented me with a great grand daughter. Now I feel old. :) But she is fun to watch. They have yet another coming soon. The other, littler grands are starting to get tall and talented. They bring me many smiles.

I still see Kira and Anvilcloud around FB. Haven't heard from Fred in awhile and I've lost track of a lot of you who were my friends on here. You are not forgotten.  I love reading the back blogs and comments! I think I miss it more than I realized. It's hard to have fun with one paragraph.

I'm still enjoying my birds. The feeders here are right in front of the window. It makes for lovely photos with my new camera; A gift I treasure.

Hugs to all of you still out there!

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At 21/2/16 7:39 AM, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Yes, we do glance at each other in passing on FB.

At 4/6/16 4:04 PM, Blogger Blue said...

I hope you peek in again and see this note. I am in a new place, but feel like it's a similar path, just with less people around.
Hugs and I found myself thinking of you today- I send my best! -Cora (maydensvoyage.blogspot.com)

At 12/6/16 11:55 PM, Blogger Valerie - Still Riding Forward said...

CORA! How good to hear from you! I'll drop by the blog a little later...


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