"Tis twilight time."

Facebook has change the way we interact on the 'net. I have more personal contact with friends and family there. Sometimes I still miss blogging. I get an itch to write more than 240 characters.

Just a short recap of the year to keep this blog active. Had a nice bday party in January. The weather was mild enough for people to make the trip to share the day with me. That was fun.

In February I ended up back in ICU for a stent, but they tore my aorta in two places during the proceedure. That messed me up pretty good. I was in ten days, then back with complications for another week. Sister and Mom kept things going for me while I was laid up, along with the family and friends.

March started out with more of the same. My blood pressure dropped far and fast, leaving me too dizzy to sit up. So I laid down and called the magic number to get help. I was in and out the same day, but it seemed like they really didn't know what happened. I recieved a page of notes that seemed pretty much like "we think this might be the problem but we're not sure". Luckily, the rest of the month was okay. I stuck close to home and rested a lot.

April and May were a lot like that, too. I did an amazing amount of reading. I couldn't seem to focus enough to do my usual web work. The sites have suffered.

June was just too hot. I skipped most of it. July went to quickly for me to notice much as Mom was in for a valve replacement and that took up most of my concentration. August has been wonderful and is now back to too warm outside for me...but it's bound to cool off soon. Kids are going back to school and leaves are beginning to be in my birdbath, instead of on the trees...

I didn't get my stamina or energy back after this run. I'm having to accept that the heart has limits and will enforce them if I exceed them. I  stay in the a/c when it's hot so I spent a lot of the summer inside this year. The recent cooler weather let me enjoy my flowers and birds more and there have been bonfires in the evenings with neighbors and friends.

There have been joys and sorrows, life going on. It just moves slower for me now. It's hard to get used to it, but it keeps me where the kids can find me if they want or need me.

I have a lot of time to think. I'm thankful for the neighbors, friends and family that gift me with their loving attention, time and kindnesses. I would have a hard time without their help.

So I'm tucked safely into the little cabin. I feed two stray cats. I play a little guitar. I read, I still write sometimes, I visit the neighbors and such. Life is being lived. It's good enough.

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At 27/8/12 1:46 PM, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

It's good for me to get the big picture here as there are gaps on FB.


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