Merry Christmas!

I'm a little late with this year's update, but I've been enjoying my days and writing has been on hold. I think that is changing...I feel words coming on. 

I have made it from last year's heart surgery in June to now with NO major health incidents. That's very good. I have my Medicare in place, *I think, as with the new rules I don't really know if I have it all correctly understood* and had an appointment with a new doctor to get my blood pressure medication changed. I don't like the meds, but as I am not dead and not in pain, I guess it's doing what it's supposed to, so I've kept taking it. 

I enjoyed a good harvest of herbs this year. I have peppermint, spearmint, motherwort, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and an almost failed, but recovering parsley. Sister helped me with jars to put them in and I love having a fresh tea, "homemade". I even picked up a teapot again. In my tiny home it took some doing to find it a spot, but I managed. 

Family and friends are hanging in there, having good, bad, annoying and joyful days. Mom is doing much better, too. She had a rough spot for awhile, but it's better. The neighbors haven't moved away, so the 'hood is good. I am really blessed to have neighbors I can enjoy. 

I sort of rescued a last year's kitten this year. She's a little black cat I call Minimus, a combination of minimal, as she was the smallest black cat in the 'hood, and Minnie Mouse, which I thought would be an amusing name for a cat. I was right, it makes me smile to call "here, Minnie Mouse!" , and to write about it. Safe Harbor helped me get her spayed, so no more kittens for her. We think her first litter was poisoned. It was sad.

She stops in once or twice a day for food and pets and if I'm going out, I leave food out for her. When we began to get acquainted, she was quite feral. It was a challenge to gain her trust. Minnie is very demandingly affectionate now, when she comes in to visit. I enjoy our time, but have found I'm not used to having pets. I've had to relearn how to create time and space to interact with her. 

The family gained two new people this year. I have a great-grand daughter and a new grandson. Of course they are adorable! I haven't had any real time with them yet. They are out of the area. I'm hoping to meet the grand boy during the holidays. The great girl I had one visit with, so far.  It's a sadness in my heart that I don't see a way to do more or spend more time with them. My comfort is that their parents and grand parents are loving, caring and affectionate enough to keep them covered in hugs, smiles and kisses. 

The cabin got a face lift this summer. It's nice, but didn't change the flavor of the interior so my comfort level is good. I had lots of help getting flowerbeds defined and created. I have a little more to do, and the usual changing around what's there in the spring to look forward to, but it's mostly under control and fun to look at when it's blooming. 

The birds are still coming to the feeder, the cat is getting sleek and friendly toward others, I have had a much better year for my health, the bills are paid and the truck still runs well. 

I can only hope that those of you who still drop in here had a year full of love, too. 

Shout out to Anvil Cloud, Fred and Kira, all of whom I still see around FB, and a Merry Christmas to all of you bloggers and readers. 

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At 10/12/14 10:00 PM, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I was surprised to see you on the list, but it's nice to get the update. For the most part, I skim thru FB.


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